Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 8 - Xiloa - Thursday

Today was our last day at the barrio. We finished our last painting chores and took the opportunity to walk around the barrio. On the northern boundary of the barrio is a very polluted stream that smells like spent laundry water. Also there is all sorts of garbage littering the shore. We also had a discussion with the church's guitarist about the need for a well so that crops could be grown without waiting for the seasonal rains.

Once again and for the last time we enjoyed lunch at the pay beach ($3) before driving over to the free beach. That beach is apparently very unsafe and is no longer as nice as the pay beach. There are very nice
homes that are faint shades of their former glory. It's sad to see such wanton destruction of the neighborhood.

Back at the barrio, Rachael S led the VBS for today and did a fine job. We also took a group picture.

Here are a few random pictures of children after the feeding.

We left a number of soccer balls and enough money for blocks for the latrine and the conversion of a window into a door and a door into a window. In addition, we left our painting tools and painting supplies. Pastor Pedro gave a few words of thanks for the work the team did and for the gifts of things and money.

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