Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 6 - Xiloa - Tuesday

Original blog post from the phone:

Our day with the kids went a little better, although there are definitely some more active boys. Bernardo did a good lesson on the resurrection. The interior painting is complete. Tomorrow we'll focus on the exterior. More detail will be in the detailed upload later after we return.

The guys room seems to have some sort of ant infestation as we are constantly killing them.

Our lunch time at the beach was good and several were able to swim.

Uploaded blog report on 8/16/09:

After a very refreshing sleep, we headed out for Xiloa at 8:10am. You like the precision of the reporting, I know. We made a stop to pick up Kaela, a fuel stop, and a stop to pick up a sack of concrete.

Arriving at Xiloa, we were once again greeted by the children (although not quite as many as yesterday). They were much better in staying out of the church and the team quickly was able to paint the remaining 1/2 plus a second coat on the entire interior. It's looking very sharp. We even had time to paint a few of the concrete posts in the front of the church.

We took our lunch break at the same location at Lake Xiloa, and today it was virtually empty because there was no holiday. Several took the opportunity to swim and others just napped.

I also took the opportunity on the drive back to the community to photograph some houses belonging to people even poorer than those in the community we are ministering.

Back at the community, we assembled the children in the schoolyard in the grass and they were a little more attentive today, but there remained about 4 unruly older boys that tended to be quite disruptive.

It seems that the favored "sport" is for one person to go down on his hands and knees behind another while a 3rd person pushes that person off balance over the person who's on his hands and knees. They think it's great fun, and it's clearly an attention getting device. The Lazarus story seemed to go well and I hammed it up as first a sick Lazarus and then a dead Lazarus and got wrapped in TP and a white towel. The kids were really concerned as to whether I was dead or not. It seemed to get and keep their attention as all good object lessons do. We finished the lesson and they marched single file back to the van for the pico and water distribution which also went a bit more orderly today.

After the food and water distribution, we had a chance to observe the ladies of the church as they created necklaces, bracelets and earrings from magazines using some techniques that Cheryl taught them. They are quite beautiful and these small items, once sold, represent a chance for the ladies to earn a bit of a living. The project is called, "Beading Poverty".

It was then a short drive back to the camp and we found a stick insect which brought great pleasure to many of us. It's an amazing creature that looks just like a stick with branches and doesn't move very fast. The detail on the head is simply amazing.

And did I mention that a cold shower felt really, really good?

As I write this we are waiting for dinner and after dinner we'll practice our teaching time for tomorrow .

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  1. That sounds hard about not having any helpers for VBS. We had so many helpers last year we didn't know how fortunate we were. We are having a great time in California. We went to San Francisco on the ferry yesterday. And today we are going to redwood trees and beach.