Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 5 - Xiloa

Today we had our first day of painting and working with the children. The day started with a trip to the bakery to get triangle rolls (Picos) for the feeding. We also needed another bag of cement, but because it was a holiday, not much was open.

We stopped to pick up Kaela and gave Adrian and Cheryl their anniversary cards:

Arriving at the church, we met Pastor Pedro; and we located our paint supplies. We mixed up the primer and primed the entire inside of the church in about an hour.

Switching to the color coat, we were able to paint 1/2 of the inside by shortly after noon.

We cleaned our equipment, and headed for lunch at a public park ($3 fee) on Lake Xiloa about 6 miles from the church.

Returning to the site, we learned that we would be teaching outside in a schoolyard. This proved to be very challenging, and the kids were very restless with no other adult supervision other than us.

We then organized the feeding, and that went pretty well.

After the feeding, Angela + I tried to play a simple game with a soccer ball to try to teach cooperation, but it was challenging with a number of bullies that came in and out of the game. Fortunately it was easy to identify them.

For tomorrow, we'll need to change our strategy as we have way too broad of age spectrum, and it's in an open area.

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