Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 4 (Sunday - Masaya + Managua)

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Today we spent much of the day at camp preparing our lessons. We did take a brief trip to the Masaya market and then out to Adrian's church for it's 56th celebration.

Tomorrow starts the real work.

Full blog updated on 8/16/09:

Day 4 (Sunday - Masaya / Managua)

As a team we decided to use today as a day of rest and preparation, so we enjoyed a nice tortilla & fruit breakfast in the shade of the thatched cabana. After breakfast, we joined together around the table and sang hymns and Tim shared some scripture out of Proverbs 9 which teaches about wisdom and its pillars. The rest of the other team left to do a ministry in the Paradise barrio. Later in the mornng Adrian arrived and we decided to take a brief trip to the Masaya market to do a little shopping.

Upon arrival back at camp, we enjoyed a light lunch and several of us took our second cold shower of the day. Our plan was to accompany Adrian to his church in Managua and its 56th Anniversary celebration. It was a hot, spirited and loud 2 1/2 hour celebration and unfortunately most of us didn't understand a word of it. Through most of the service the power was out so there was no lighting, sound system, or ceiling fans. But that didn't deter the celebration. After the celebration time, the church served tostadas on plantain leaves and a Coke soda pop. The tostadas were very, very good. I also took the opportunity to take a few picture of some typical motorcycles including one of a not so typical rider.

Heading back to camp, we once again stopped at a La Colonia supermarket and picked up a few items. At camp we enjoyed a very nice spaghetti dinner and we challenged the creative power of the youth to make an anniversary card for Adrian and Cheryl as it's their 21st anniversary. Angela and I then worked on our presentation for Wednesday and came up with what we think are some great illustrations on how to present the concepts of how little children can come to Jesus. The remainder of the evening we spent taking yet another cold shower (separately) and enjoying one another's company. Tomorrow starts the real work and we have pretty much everything lined up.


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